Metalfar is focused on the customer satisfaction entirely, since the beginning of the activity up to nowadays. Moreover, such target goes through high quality requirements and achievements continuously needed from the actual market.

The production structure was among the first ever to get in Italy ISO 9001 certification highlights the commitment to be the market leader with attention to boost product quality. Proof of this are the numerous qualifications gained over the years by customers and prestigious certification bodies.

The efficient use of modern technology, combined with a rigorous production and inspection system, ensures a reliable delivery performance and a guaranteed quality of product.
Our Quality Control System is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 approved.

Such system is apparent at every stage of production process - from checking incoming raw material, to cutting and forging operations, heat treatments, machining, marking and packing.
The continuous research and attention to environmental problems has pushed Metalfar to regulate its activities in accordance with latest regulations. Metalfar achieved recently ISO 14001:2004 certification. Moreover we are also API and Norsok approved.

The staff is composed of long personal experience in the industry. The synergies with the other companies of the group have also enabled the constant technological upgrading (presses, induction furnaces) and maintenance activities are also handled by Metalfar staff.

Extreme care is entrusted to the timely process control of each work center and major investments were dedicated to reporting structure based on product traceability.

An internal laboratory is equipped for the main chemical and mechanical tests in line with automatic machines for spectrometric tests. The collaboration with established suppliers is additional guarantee of reliability in terms of quality and delivery.
Inside a tooling also allows the self-sufficiency in the management of the park and molds in the programming support of the production lines.

Our modern warehouse stocks over 1 million pieces in all sizes and grades of material and our packing and shipping department ensures that all products are prepared in such a manner that provides for proper protection of finished products.

Our commitment to efficiency, high technology, quality control and a sound commercial organization dedicated to service, have contributed to an increasingly wider distribution of Metalfar products throughout the world.